ߣߣƵ Double Degree Programmes

ߣߣƵ Double Degree Programmes enable students who have successfully completed their MSc 1 (or 4th year of School of Engineering) in one of our European partner institutions to spend their second year at ߣߣƵ, complete one of our master's programmes and thus earning two master's degrees (or an engineering degree and a master's degree) in a shorter period of time. Successful completion of the ߣߣƵ MSc will be accredited by the students’ home institution as an equivalent to their final year of study.

Most ߣߣƵ postgraduate degree courses are available to Double Degree students, however, we are not able to offer places on a part-time basis or for the Master of Business Administration

Double Degree students' feedback

To help you form a better idea of what it's like to study with us under the EPP agreement, some of our former students have provided feedback on the courses they studied.


Before you apply to ߣߣƵ as part of the Double Degree Programme, you must first discuss your application with your home institution. To find out the relevant person to contact please look for your institution below and contact your dedicated international office.

English language requirements

If you are selected to apply for one of our postgraduate programmes you will also need to meet our English language requirements.