We provide outstanding research and innovation support to ߣߣƵ and our strategic partners, and lead developments that support research excellence and increase the wider impact of our research.

We add value by providing professional expertise and intelligence alongside efficient, proactive and responsive systems and processes.

Supporting the research lifecycle from idea to impact, we work in partnership with our internal and external stakeholders to deliver ߣߣƵ’s Research and Innovation Strategy.

Enabling research excellence

  • Working with academic staff to identify funding sources, matching and developing ideas with opportunities, helping with bid development, quality control and internal approvals.
  • Overseeing research governance and supporting research integrity, ethics and trusted research. Delivering professional leadership for the University Research Committee, ߣߣƵ Research Ethics and Integrity Committee and associated sub-groups.
  • Leading and facilitating research culture development through researcher development programmes and targeted initiatives.
  • Leading the University’s Research Excellence Framework programme, including the annual Excellence in Scholarship programme.

Enabling knowledge exchange, innovation and enterprise

  • Facilitating collaborative research and innovation activity in partnership with industry, providing expert support for Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership and similar funding schemes.
  • Leading research commercialisation to maximise, including compliance management of our intellectual property and technology transfer activity.
  • Providing an innovation ecosystem to support business growth, including tailored business support, access to funding, space and facilities for early and larger scale technology prototyping.
  • Leading the University’s Knowledge Exchange Framework programme, including the annual Excellence in Scholarship programme.

Facilitating research operations

  • Supporting and providing expert advice for the costing, pricing and compliance of research and innovation funding proposals.
  • Negotiating and approving contracts for research and innovation activities that maximise opportunity and minimise risk to the University.
  • Providing expert advice and guidance to underpin rigorous and compliant delivery of research and innovation from idea to impact generation, and facilitate efficient cross-University process.

Facilitating research student processes

  • Leading the ߣߣƵ Doctoral Network and working with the Doctoral Themes across the University to create opportunities for research student development and engagement.
  • Providing expert and authoritative oversight and guidance on research student processes and governance on behalf of the University.