Level 7 apprenticeships with ߣߣƵ

One of the most powerful ways you can generate value from your Apprenticeship Levy is to upskill your existing workforce. 

The introduction of ߣߣƵ's master's-level apprenticeships (Level 7) means you can use the Levy to accelerate the development of your middle and senior managers, and employees in senior technical positions so that they can contribute much more as they move into leadership positions. 

Our apprenticeships are an opportunity to do that with a partner that has a global reputation for employer-led training with a backbone of academic rigour and quality assurance.

At ߣߣƵ, we’re passionate about providing education tailored for industry. As one of the first universities in the UK to offer degree apprenticeships at master’s level, we understand what is needed to develop industry-led apprenticeship standards and have the expertise to deliver that training.

With our distinctive focus on technology and management, powerful industry links, global reputation for executive development, world-class research and knowledge of what really works in practice, we’re uniquely positioned to provide training that goes beyond the technical to create and develop leaders for the future.

ߣߣƵ's apprenticeships will provide a widening portfolio of training required by industry.

What next?

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Different people mature at different rates, and this new Apprenticeship Levy is making companies consider the talent pipeline for both early and mid-career employees and those that get it right will reap fantastic benefits in the future.

Andrew Sztehlo, Global R&D Vice President, Ice-cream, Unilever